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Saturday, May 15, 2010


my mashoorian friends except ani (in blue baju kurung) hahaha.

my beloved opis mates..tq for coming!

my sekolah rendah mates =)

Basically, this entry is about my engagement day that was held on 9th of may, 2010. the date was chosen by my mommy in law to be, puan zaiton..hehe. it was in conjunction wif mother's day and my fiance's birth date. as for me..i have no problem about the date. haha. from accountant's perspective, it is definitely a cost saving in the future..3 in 1 celebration. haha. juz kidding!!

i enjoyed all the way until the engagement day. i dun want anybody to be stressed out. but my mom n my aunt did hide something from me..they did clean up the tok's house by themselves...if only i knew..i would never let them do took really a hard work to clean up the house. tq so much to my cousins..who hv helped me out. special thanks to my mom n my aunty.

i made all the hantaran's boxes by myself..i like it alot. i is one of my hobbies..regarding the artwork thing. the long as i feel satisfied..then its ok. it doesnt really matter of what ppl think of it.
one of the boxes =)

k2..enuv about behind the scene things..haha. on that day, the rombongan arrived arround 2.30.. i expected the discussion/negotiation to last at least 45 minutes to 1 hr..i was so took only..i think less than 20 minutes kot..i went put the ring on my finger..then settled. i feel released, grateful n thankful..and most importantly..couldnt wait to wipe off the make up on my face. haha. i was born to hate make up..i like natural thing.

special thanks to my beloved mom, my beloved aunts n uncles, cousins, friends who helped me, gave presents, came to the kenduri n many more. tq so much. i will never forget =) ALHAMDULILLAH FOR EVERYTHING..MOST IMPORTANTLY..THANK U ALLAH. to those i didnt sorry was juz a small ceremony..insyaALLAH, will invite u guys to the wedding..expected to be held in dec..insyaALLAH..


cik yuyun said...

congrats bani!!! =)
have a bliss life. today and for many years to come! =)

Intan Suhana said...

Hey...where is my picture...???huhuh...anyway....congrats on ur engagement....
luv, K intan

bani_possible said...

ayu..tq so much =)

kak intan..dalam kamera bani xdak gambaq kak intan. lau ada dh upload dah. hehe. neway..thanx!!