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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my wedding updates

my wedding concept is 'sempoi2' n 'less than ordinary'. my top priority is my honourable guests. wedding is channelled properly according to the budget that ALLAH gives me (forever we thank u ALLAH). expected to be held on 4th dec 2010.. so to all my friends..plz block the date!!

the rest i leave it to ALLAH..we work..we pray..n tawakal. are some of the hantaran that i've prepared. probably..u can get some ideas..or u can drop any +ve comments for me..k? enjoy!!

wallet n belt




cincin SMN

gubahan sirih

sgt suke sejadah cian dh kena lipat2 =D

letak chocolate fero2 =P


i love doin it. plz pray for us..hopefully, the wedding goes smoothly as planned. tqvm.


SMN said...


dtx said...

alamak pandainya buat buat sendiri.cantik laks tu.i wonder who is that lucky SMN.

bani possible said...

SMN n dtx, tq so much!! alhamdulillah =D

Alexa said...

Bani,selamat pengantin baru.Semoga Allah merahmati perkahwinanmu,mengurniakan zuriat yg soleh solehah dan semoga berbahagia selama-lamanya.Amin.